The Latest Cover Of MaoShan College

The latest volume cover of MaoShan College(茅山高校) has been released, Zhong Kui’s younger sister seems will become the important character in volume 4.

It will be published in Hong Kong book fair 2017. Actually, when I designed this character, I tried few versions.

According to the description, she should be a style school girl, so I released first one:

Well, she seems too cool and not enthusiastic enough XDDDD.

Then,  I change another one.

In this doodle, she still has her hand, but afterward, according to the fiction’s context, she misses her hand.( I still have no idea about the novel but I believe that I can expect.)

Here is the final one, the temporary background was yellow, still waiting for the cover design.

Yeah, here we get the ultimate one.

And thank you to Wan Yung, making this interesting 3D fighting animation.

棲息於香港的遊戲設計師、插畫家和漫畫家。 2010年於「ComicStudio亞洲漫畫大賽(香港區)」取得短篇漫畫獎, 以「君不見」的筆名現於本地漫畫雜誌「熱血少年」網上連載漫畫「茅山高校」。 為本地文創組織「閃亮大陸Shineland」成員,會定期以自資方式發表作品。