The Disillusion World

The upcoming book of Shineland 2017 is about at the end of the world. Named “Shine End”.

What will be happening next after the world destroyed? The book will show you different stories.

My topic is Disillusion World. Finally, finish in this month.

Hopefully, I can see you in the HK book exhibition this year.

Here are the story cover and page previews. (the book cover maybe another version.)


棲息於香港的遊戲設計師、插畫家和漫畫家。 2010年於「ComicStudio亞洲漫畫大賽(香港區)」取得短篇漫畫獎, 以「君不見」的筆名現於本地漫畫雜誌「熱血少年」網上連載漫畫「茅山高校」。 為本地文創組織「閃亮大陸Shineland」成員,會定期以自資方式發表作品。