Postscript Of Comic Nova

Last Sunday was Comic Nova, a large original comic event in Taiwan. Shineland members attended this event and gain a lot……um, maybe too much. Here are the books we bought, many impression and excellent works. Whatever, this was such a nice trip.

During the event, the reaction was better than we expect, we sold out all of the books we bring. Some of Taiwan reader send us a message and ask for more, we glad to see that. Well, I think we have potential to develop the Taiwan market!

A Hong Kong comic and game artist, belonging to a local creative organization “Shineland”.

棲息於香港的遊戲設計師、插畫家和漫畫家。 2010年於「ComicStudio亞洲漫畫大賽(香港區)」取得短篇漫畫獎,為本地文創組織「閃亮大陸Shineland」成員,會定期以自資方式發表作品。